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Hempel Intermetaux

Hempel Intermétaux S.A. deals as a trading company in all types of raw metals throughout Europe, selling to  end-users, steel foundries, chemical metals processing companies, industry and many other customers.

We will fulfi ll your requirements at market rates. Speed and fl exibility are thereby guaranteed.
Our knowledge of the current market and price situation enables us to execute your order with the right supplier at the right time.

We can provide you with advisory services tailored to your specifi c requirements with respect to further enhancement and optimization in applying metals, alloy elements and aggregates.

Hempel Intermétaux SA
Place du Port 1
CH-1204 Genève
Phone +41 22 715 17 70
Fax +41 22 715 17 80


Hempel Intermetaux

Hempel Intermetaux SA - CompanyHempel Intermetaux SA - CompanyHempel Intermetaux SA - Company